Joying Double Din Main Board With Built-in DSP

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You can update your unit with built-in digital amp with this new main board,
Compatible model:JY-UO135N4PX5/JY-UO135N4PX5S/JY-UO128N4PX5S

How to replace the main board with DSP on Joying 2 Din head unit?
1) When you replace the main board, please don't power on the head unit.
2) Pls remove the screws on the left, right and rear sides,then take the cover out.
3) Pls remove the 4 screws from the core board then take core board out.
4) Pls install the core board to the new main board which with built-in DSP. (You need to install the core board correctly otherwise the main board will be broken).
5) Pls take apart the front panel from original head unit and install it to the unit with new main board. (Pls be carefully to lock the screws on the front panel).
6) After replacing the core board, pls power on the head uni and update the unit with Joying DSP update firmware.
7) You need to prepare 2 USB disks, one for MCU update files and another for operating system update files. Please update the unit with MCU files first.
8) Pls insert the USB disk with MCU files to the left USB port, it will update the MCU automatically.
9) Pls remove the first USB and insert another USB to update the operating system, it may take about 3 minutes, after update please remove the USB disk, it will reboot automatically.
10) When the unit rebooting, it will stay on "android" logo for about 3 minutes, please be patient to wait and keep the unit power on.
11) After update, you need to calibrate the touch screen.

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