1. Joying stereo setting user manual

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                           Joying stereo setting user manual 


    1.If you want to watch the video during your driving, you can turn on or off below options:


    2.If your reversing imagine is opposite, you can turn on below option:

    3.When you reverse the car but still want to listen to the music, you can turn off this option.

      You can also adjust the reverse volume level.


    4.You hope that the screen light can be weak at night. you can connect the ILLUM (orange+white) with your car head light wire.

     After you connect above the wiring, please choose the "small light control".


    5. You want the music/radio can play with Navi together, please choose the "GPS Mix".

        The Max volume also can be set.


    6. You need to set the Navi as the default GPS app and control the app by SWC, you can choose below option for setting the Navi app:



    7. Your car is right or left drive, you can choose the drivers'door position.

    8. You want the stereo volume is the same what you set before, you can adjust the volume on below option:



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  2. Joying Toyota Land Cruiser Prado(120)/Lexus GX470 purchasing and installation tips

    Joying Toyota Land Cruiser Prado(120)/Lexus GX470 purchasing and installation tips


    1.Followings are the dashboards which can directly install Joying Toyota Land Cruiser Prado(120)/Lexus GX470 head unit without any modification.Buy It Now.

    Here is the reviewed and installation video from another customer, you can have a reference:


    2.If your dashboard is as the same as below, our Toyota Land Cruiser Prado(120)/Lexus GX470 head unit cannot be installed directly on your car.

    If you really are interested in Joying stereo and good at installation, following modification ideas can help you:

    You need to cut off your original car center dashboard to fit our Joying head unit. please check below pictures on how to do:

    a. Please remove your original car center dashboard out first. just like below video:

    b. Please put our Joying head unit on your original dash and then get the right size for cutting off:

    c. After getting the proper size, please cut off the original dash as below:

    d. combine all the parts as below


    If you are not good at modification, you also can buy this dash kit and get our head unit for installation. here is the link for Dash kit

    If your original dashboard picture as below, so pity that our head unit cannot be fitted.


    2. Please judge your car comes with or without factory JBL /pioneer/Mark Levinson amplifier.

    A. The car comes without factory JBL/pioneer amplifier


    B. The car comes with the JBL or pioneer amplifier.


    C. The car comes with the factory Mark Levinson amplifierr


    After confirming above details, you can choose the proper head unit from our website.

    If you are still confusing on above steps, please contact us support@joyingauto.com or info@joyingauto.com .


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