1. Workable Android Stereo Installed On Subaru

    Workable Android Stereo Installed On Subaru

    Hello ,my Joying fans

    Glad to see you again !

    Recently ,several Joying fans asked us for help on installing head unit on their Subaru car .

    So we would like to share some head unit installed examples for all Joying fans . hope this blog will be helpful .


    Example 1.

    Review from Mark Bondarenko , who install our 7'' universal double din (UM135N2)on his 2005 Subaru Impreza RS .

    He review us following :

    Hey Candy,

    Please see my positive review with images attached.

    'Very impressed with the product and support with Joying. Head unit looks amazing and performs smoothly at all times and it's so easy to install! If you are looking at purchasing a touch screen head unit for you car make sure you choose Joying! - Mark '


    he also feedback that purchased following harness connecting between head unit and his car .


    Example 2.

    Review from Shayan kordouni and gabriel bautista  , who install our 8'' Toyota PX5 Octa Core double din (TM138P2) on his 2013 subaru brZ .

    Hi mandy,
    Yes i will definitely take some pictures. I modified it a little bit. Added heatsinks and terminal paste to the too of cpu cover. I was trying to cut the case to add a fan but I don’t have the right tools but for now cpu doesn’t get more than 65 degrees. Without the heatsink it was going up to 85 degrees which bad. I will take some photos for you! The old head unit had such a bad picture. This one is full hd.
    I installed it in a 2013 subaru brz.


    Example 3.

    Review from Anthony Wanyoike, who install our 8'' universal single din PX5 (UMS01P2) on his Subary Legacy 2009.

    Following pictures shown the installed experience :


    Example 4.

    Review from James , who install our 10" PX5 Octa Core double din 2GB/32GB(UM134P2 ) on his 2014 Subaru STi


    Example 5.

    Review from Job , who install our 7" PX5 Octa Core double din 2GB/32GB((UM135P2 ) on his subaru wrx 2015

    but also need to buy following Toyota dash kit for installation :


    Above are some feedback from our Joying customers .

    If you also want to share your installed experience with all Joying fans or you are interested in installing our head unit on your Subaru , please contact us support@joyingauto.com  or info@joyingauto.com 


    Joying wordwide website: https://www.joyingauto.com/
    Joying europe website: https://www.joyingauto.eu/
    Joying Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/BoykaJoying
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joyingandroidstereo/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/joyingauto


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