Joying Android 12.0 Qualcomm Snapdragon System Update

Joying Android 12.0 Qualcomm Snapdragon System Update

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Joying Android 12.0 Qualcomm Snapdragon System Update

Note: this update is only workable for the Android 12.0 QCM6125 Qualcomm Snapdragon System car radio. Please contact us if you are not clear your head unit system.
otherwise the head unit will be dead after update.

Following is the update (2024-1-06) for Android 12.0 radio

Here is the firmware for 1280*800/1920*720 radio

Updated file please click Here

Applicable Radio model: UZS07N8 UZS06N8 UZS80N8 UZS08N8 UZS10N8  UZD80N8 UZD10N8 TZ164N4 TZ186N4 TZ213N4 TZ152N4 TZ155N4 TZ165N4 TZ207N4 TZ154N4

TZ166N4 TZ170N4 TZ193N4 TZ214N4 TZ159N4 TZ163N4 TZ217N4 TZ215N4 TZ210N4 TZ158N4 TZ175N4 TZ167N4 TZ168N4 TZ188N4 TZ187N4 TZ216N4 TZ172N4 TZ211N4

TZ176N4 TZ181N4 TZ182N4 TZ185N4 TZ204N4 TZ205N4 TZ206N4 TZ190N4 TZ191N4 TZ197N4 TZ212N4 TZ208N4 JY-TZ101N4 HZ173N4 HZ122N4 HZ146N4 HZ153N4 HZ167N4

HZ174N4 HZ140N4 HZ147N4 HZ172N4 HZ144N4 HZ141N4 HZ151N4 HZ142N4 HZ152N4 HZ169N4 HZ145N4 HZ168N4N HZ148N4 HZ101N4 NZ009N4 NZ101N4 NZ104N4 NZ006N4

NZ007N4 SZ001N4 SZ004N4 SZ005N4 SZ003N4 SZ006N4 SZ007N4 SZ101N4 SZ102N4 SZ103N4 VZ151N4 VZ153N4 VZ161N4 VZ154N4 VZ155N4 VZ162N4 VZ158N4 VZ159N4

SKZ121N4 VZ101N8 VZS08N8 JZ124N4 JZ125N4 JZ126N4 JZ127N4 JZ101N8 CZ101N8 FZ101N8 FZS08N8 MZ002N4 MZ003N4 MZ004N4 MZ006N4 MZ005N4 MZ007N4 SUZ12N4

SUZ15N4 SUZ13N4 SUZ17N4 SUZ14N4 MSZ122N4 MSZ101N4 BZ139N4 BZ146N4 BZ124N4 MZM02N4 MZM05N4 MZM03N4 MZM04N4 BZ101N8-MR BZ102N8-MR BZ103N8 AZ101N4



Here is the firmware for 1920*1080 / 1920*1200 / 2000*1200 radio

Updated file please click Here

Applicable Radio model: UZS11N8 UZD11N8 UZS12N8 UZD12N8 UZS13N8 UZD13N8 UZS14N4 UZD14N4 UZS15N8 UZD15N8 TZ116N8 TZ117N8 TZ118N8 TZ115N8 TZ119N8 TZ120N8 HZ117N8 HZ114N8 SZ116N8

SZ118N8 SZ115N8 VZ116N8 JZ116N8 JZ133N8 JZ151N8 MZM116N8 AZ116N8


Following are the tips on how to do the system update:

Firstly please download and unzip the updated firmware from your windows computer. (Just need unzip one time)

Then copy the unzipped files directly to the root directory of your USB disk which need to be formatted as FAT32. Below are the unzipping files example:

Secondly insert the USB disk which smaller than 32GB to the head unit and will update automatically. it takes about 5-6 minutes.

During the update process, please do not power off or reboot the stereo.

When these words appear" please remove update device device will reboot", please remove the USB disk.

After update finished and enter into the home screen, please do not operate the head unit and wait for about 2 minutes.

Because two apks need to be installed on the background automatically.

After the apps installation finished, you can operate the stereo or power off it.


Finally,  you can choose your interested launcher on the setting. just as below:


Have any problem during the system update, please contact us or