How To Learn And Set The Left Touch Screen Button Function ?

How To Learn And Set The Left Touch Screen Button Function ?


Sometimes when touch screen can not work or can not work properly when you receive the head unit, pls do not worry, that is not quality problems, just do as below, then this issue can be solved :-)

Customer's problem:

Thanks for getting back to me, I did get everything working...

But I am having an issue, the buttons on the left are not responsive. The power, home, volume, gps and back buttons. I have to tap them like 10 times to work once. I bought the device off of amazon just a few days ago.

Let me know what I can do or try.

Thanks Mike


Pls relearn the panel keys study as following steps:

First you need push "Clear" first, next need push for example the power button on the screen and then push power button on the left side, the same as other button like home, volume+/- etc
Last push the save button on the screen, for the details, pls check as below:

Here is a video for your ref:

Detailed description with pictures:

First find touch screen study in car settings (password is 3368 or 126 or 0000 )


Second pls click "ClEAR" first as below and then re-learning all the buttons

At last, after re-learning, you need click "SAVE" button, then will be ok:

After try to do like this, Mike said "Thanks so much that worked :)"

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